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About Us

K & S Therapies, Inc. is an established early intervention provider agency that has been providing early intervention services in Montgomery, Lehigh and Berks counties since 2005. K & S Therapies, Inc. was founded by sisters Kathy O’Hara, a physical therapist, and Sandy Sitko, an occupational therapist. They each have over twenty years of experience working with the pediatric population.

Kathy and Sandy are joined by a team of over thirty expertly trained and licensed therapists and teachers. K & S therapists empower families with the knowledge and skills needed to help their children overcome challenges and help them succeed in life. Our therapists will meet with families in their home or in a community setting such as the library, playground or daycare, so the team can address the child’s needs where they occur. Some of our therapists are able to offer families evening and weekend appointments when necessary.

K & S Therapies Provides Exceptional Early Intervention for Infants & Toddlers in Pennsylvania

What Our Clients Are Saying

I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with Deirdre (Speech Therapist). She has been a blessing for our son, and given my wife and me wise counsel and teaching. We have truly enjoyed having Deirdre come to our house and have enjoyed seeing our son’s life improve. While it hasn’t always been easy, Deirdre reminded us that this process takes time and patience. We have never felt so supported during a time that can be challenging for us.

I want to inform you how wonderful Jess has been as our Physical Therapist. She consistently provides outstanding service to our son and the family. She provides continual support and information. When we were going through additional testing for our son with the neurologist, she not only provided information but was a tremendous emotional support for my husband and me as two new parents who were going through a scary and emotional experience. I cannot thank Jess enough and appreciate all her hard work and dedication she has given to our son.

Sharon (Physical Therapist) is extremely knowledgeable, kind and thorough with a true passion for her work. Please let Sharon know how much we appreciate all her efforts. She makes us look good and I’m grateful for all she does for our babies and their families.

I just have to say that I love Kristina (Special Instructor/Behaviorist)! At first I wasn’t sure I wanted the service, but after six months of her working with me and my son, I finally get it. LOL! She is great at what she does. She is so passionate and dedicated to her job. I feel she truly understands my son and knows what to do to help him. Thank you for everything! My team was amazing and I am thrilled with our son’s progress.

We just want to thank K & S Therapies for an amazing experience. We received so much support while our daughter was in the care of your therapists, especially Laure (Speech Therapist) and Kristina (Special Instructor/Behaviorist). They were as invested in our daughter’s progress, education and well-being as we are. Laure and Kristina taught us how to use different tools, resources and strategies to help our daughter, which has only made our family stronger. They were always very professional, yet gentle, in guiding us through this process. They learned very quickly how to manage our daughter’s outbursts and always did so in a safe and loving way. The work they do is very commendable. These two women went above and beyond in so many ways. It is rare to see this type of dedicated work ethic that they possess. They will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Mom is absolutely delighted with her daughter’s progress, indicating that the neck tightness seems to have diminished. She stated that the EI PT, Anthony, is by far the best PT. We’re taking our daughter to outpatient physical therapy at a clinic as well, and we’re getting the most out of Anthony.

I met with RB’s family today to complete some paperwork and family commented how happy they are with Anthony (Physical Therapist). Mom said he works really well with their son and is extremely calm and patient, even when RB is crying. They are thrilled with the service he has been providing.