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Specialized Instruction/Behavior Therapy

A special instructor in early intervention has a background in special education, child development and psychology, as well as experience working with young children. The special instructor will work with the families and children to help them achieve skills in typical developmental order. They will assist in the areas of cognition, attention, communication, social/emotional skills, play and adaptive skills. They will help the family learn to manage challenging behaviors and provide age appropriate suggestions for rules and routines.

We have special instructors who are trained to conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) on children when needed to determine what is triggering negative behaviors to occur. Once the information is gathered, it is analyzed and used to develop a positive behavior support plan. Common undesirable behaviors include hitting, biting, self injurious behaviors, tantrums, defiance, and resistence or refusal to participate in daily routines. Our special instructors will teach the families positive behavior modification strategies to incorporate into their day in order to encourage positive behaviors and cooperation, thus lessening daily struggles in the home and community.

K & S Therapies Provides Exceptional Specialized Instruction Services for Infants & Toddlers in Pennsylvania